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I agree. It is interesting to think how people viewed a simple plot of land and a decent sum of money to be a "dream". Now, we just want all the money we can get. We do not focus on the basic needs in life, we just focus on the wants. Also, like you stated, we not only want wealth, we want to become rich and famous as well. It is sad to think how greed has corrupted Americans today.
I do admit, it would be nice to be wealthy when I'm older but because of the economy, it will be hard to even get a simple job. Thus, my American goal is to get a good college education, get a job, and start a healthy family.

Isnt it good to have a goal that unachieveable sometimes it makes work hard your entire life and can make you very prosperous. And even if you dont ever reach the goal you can still succeed, because the real american dream is working up to that point, not reaching. this is compareable to ben fanklin he strived to be a perfect person and made a list of things that he had to do in order to be perfect person and we all know it is impossible to be perfect but as he strived to do to he became one of the greatest people ever to walk the earth.

I agree with Andrew

I agree in all you guys said yes it good to have a goal that is unachievable because this goals even if were not gonna get what we desire this goals can still gives us motivation that can help us in life and our future.
For me my american goal is to go a good college education, get job, start my own family and give them a good life in the future..

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