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I agree that most teenagers try to fit in with what is considered the "norm" for their time period. This feeling of wanting to fit in is a part of the transition from child to adult, because they have to realize what they can be until they figure out the identity of themselves that most represents how they feel about life. Holden doesn't really have a "group" of people that he hangs out with, so he doesn't do a lot of experimenting or morphing with different identities. Therefore, he struggles to even figure out what the "norm" is for fitting in. Consequently, he will remain searching for his true identity.

There is a lot of truth in what you're saying Vaishali. It's kind of a natural tendency really. When we're scared that people are not accepting of us, we talk, act, and carry ourselves differently. We want to please. But I also think there's a big push in today's world for individuality. Being different is something that many people admire and aspire too.

I think this is an interesting observation about Holden, especially because he's always calling people phonies. He says that he doesn't want to be like those people, yet we find him becoming a chameleon and, it seems, trying to blend in. At the same time though, Holden keeps a little bit of his individuality - Carl Luce tells him he's being immature, for example, and he keeps smoking and swearing around Phoebe. So maybe he really does want to fit in, but he can't? I think that telling us how people are phonies and he never wants to be like them is his way of covering up for the fact that he can't manage to fit in.

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