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I agree with you Connor. I believe that Catcher in the Rye will be a timeless piece as well because it will generally fit into the lives of any American teenager as the years come and go. Even as time goes on and new fads and trends come in out, Catcher in the Rye will always apply to how teens want to act older, their daily struggles at school, their pressure from their parents, and e.t.c.

I agree too, and those are just some ways it is timeless. I think another example of how it is relateable is how honest Holden is. Teens judge people all the time and most people think, if not say them out loud, mean things about others. Many of us wouldn't ever say the things we thought about others, because we would seem like mean people. Holden doesn't tell others, but he does express his opinions to us. Holden shows us what we all have inside, but he just expresses his thoughts aloud to us. Teens are very judgemental and I think Holden's way of picking at people's flaws isn't something new to anybody.

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