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i agree with you frank. No offense to anyone, but i can't stand Feminists. Or maybe not feminists, but extremely radical feminists drive me nuts. I remember reading an article last year about Feminism. The author was extremely feminist, and she was arguing that actions men take today influence the way women are percieved. I somewhat agree with what she said about the image that women have, but then she elaborated. She actually said that men holding the door for women is sexist. When i read this sentence, i put the article down. I refused to read anymore, regardless of what my assignment was. That's ridiculuous! I do believe that there is a line that separates men and women today, and women most definitely have the right to fight for the rights they deserve. However, extreme feminism like this example are just annoying.

I think the reason Deborah Tannen was describing the three women's appearances in the beginning of her article was because she wanted to show how everyone automatically mark women, sometimes without consciously doing so. Deborah did realize she was marking these women by doing this, but I think that she was doing so purposefully. I agree with her that women should stand up against being judged by what they wear and how they look.

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