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I agree with you this commercial does use either/ or to try to get you to buy this product. Either you buy this product or the world will become a dystopia in which all mechanical products rely on gasoline, the broader impact of this message is buy this car or the world will suffer. I think this is very effective advertising as it doesn’t emphasize the overall effect of gasoline usage but shows it’s effects in a way that consumers can relate to. At the end of the commercial it shows a clean car, which is meant to be the solution to the problem of gasoline use.

I do see how they use the either/or logical fallacy to persuade the consumer to buy their product, and i believe they did a great job with this commercial! I think the way they included all of the things that we do in every day life and made the viewer of the commercial think, "what if we really did pollute the earth like that?"... "What if that is what we are doing right now?" which was great to make them think. I think that our pollution problem is extremely important to address and the bit of over exaggeration they used by gas-powering all of the appliances and showed that their product is a resolution to that is fantastic. I, personally, would LOVE to have a Nissan LEAF, go environment!

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