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I agree with you on all the stereotypes. It is funny, how they focus the commercial on the "emotional distress" of the girl, when they didn't even mention that she was texting and driving...something she shouldn't have been doing. It is almost as if they are saying that only girls can cause accidents because of "silly reasons", due to the fact that men text and drive also, so they can't stereotype that.

I agree with all the stereotype that are found in this commercial. Most of the time when I watched this on TV, I failed to realize how stereotypical they portrait the average american teenage girl. Also on what Maya was saying I agree because though girls in the video may seems to not care about anything boys also do have reckless driving habits.

I love this commercial.
It would be the fact that my favorite color IS pink and that at times I probably do act exactly like that guy.
However, I agree with Maya and Alexa on the fact that the video is completely stereotypical.
I personally think Alstate directed this commercial to the fathers of teenage girls because for them, this is the exact stereotyping they need to see to immediately buy into the idea that "Alstate will save your teeange emotional wreck of a daughter from creating MORE problems than what she already creates at home dealing with boy drama."

For all these stereotypes, the commercial is hilarious. It almost goes right over your head because you don't pay attention to how sexist and ageist it actually is until you see a post like this. I agree with everything you've mentioned. I absolutely agree with Maryann in saying that this is directed at parents more than anyone else. "Keep your crazy, wreckless daughter off the roads. Or, if you can't do that, buy the insurance that will keep her and those around her alive."

I find it amazing that even though this ad is not selling anything remotely gender related, they still find a way to slip stereotypes into this commercial. That just goes to show you that stereotypes are everywhere and it is impossible to avoid them. I also find it interesting that in this same ad campaign, a man is portrayed gawking at a woman jogging. Looks like there are two sides to this one...

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