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I completely agree with you, social networking these days has gotten completely out of hand and very addicting. Even above this comment bockets theres an option to send your comment to facebook and twitter.

Social networking can really be a flaw to us, which can result in large amounts of procrastination. And I agree with Maja. Almost every single website have a way that you can share the information on that website to either Facebook and Twitter. It's starting to really get out of control.

i agree with you on some aspects, however, I believe that there isn't really a lot of negative effects that come a long with social networking. If anything it just brings us closer. Sure people spend a lot of time on facebook, but it is not like they are ditching their friends just to go home and go on facebook. People are on facebook so much because maybe they are just at home a lot after school. They don't feel like sitting around their house feeling lonely and maybe it isnt a good time to hang with friends, so they go on facebook to feel connected with them. Even if it is just through the internet, it will still make someone feel less a alone when they are home with nothing to do.

A good conversation starter, Dani. As someone who is suspicious of consumption, I am also worried that they sites that we rely on for our social networking are all for-profit enterprises that are using what we share to sell products. That's something we need to analyze.

On a side note, Dani, I can't give you credit for this post until you take a bit more time with spelling, capitalization and general format. It's tough to read.

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