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i think you have a really good point, gender roles have literally been drilled into our heads since the day we were born and they gave our parents the pink or blue blankets, one question though that i have had recently that i find intriguing is do you think gender is a biological difference or a socially defined one. i know we are different in some respects but i do think that gender lines are constantly being drawn even in tv ads like this!

Any way you look at this, this is not a successful commercial. It fails in humor and seems like it would alienate the type of person who would use their product. By making it seem like people who use the product are obsessive people who need to have control over their lives.
It is also sexist, the mother in pink is disappointed by her daughter in army camo. The daughter looks to be around five or six which brings about the question of why the mother would care so much, at that age a kid should be able to be themselves.

Great, complex analysis. You ask all the right questions.

lol who gives a .... i try not to let tv ads run my life

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