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I would say that this, along with Mean Girls that Seth blogged about, is feminist by the end of the movie. Like you said, at the beginning it shows the stereotypes that women are dependent on men and when the boyfriend dumps her, she doesn't know what to do other than get revenge. But after she figures out that she doesn't need a man, she becomes a lawyer and can therefore provide for herself, which defies the common stereotypes of women needing men.

I think the rise to the top that Elle goes through is a huge example on how society views are evolving. From her life with Emmett to her graduation from Harvard Law, Elle proves that women are no longer under control of their ex-boyfriends or other life obstacles.

I definitely agree! This is probably one of the most feminist films I've ever seen. It also gets rid of the stereotype that only ugly/anti-social women can be smart.

I have to agree with you. this movie really highlights what women are capable of.

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