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October 16, 2007


Good post. I agree with you have written

I am talking about a debate here!
I really want to know main points opposing the Patriots!

Hmmmmmmm.........I think the loyalists had better reasons than Patriots. Such as, We are British subjects, and we should obey British law. The King and the Parliament have the right to tax the colonies and to make laws for the colonies. We cannot pick or choose which laws to obey. We must accept all the laws made by our government. That's the only way a government can work......
Or something like that.

Thomas Paine is an illegitimate source, for he frequently stole the words of others and misrepresented British causes. These misrepresentations caused colonists to rebell against the hand that formed and fed them. _Other of America's socalled "Founding Fathers" also portrayed the British intentions entirely incorrectly. The colonist Revolution of 1776, while seemingly successful, was entirely unneccesary. Englind should still preside over America.

i need more information about their cultrual and their geography and i need to to how did the convence them

i think the patriots are right all the way its unfair to be taxed they should be free and independent not to be ruled and have to follow someone elses rules

The quote with give me liberty or death is not Thh\omas Paine's it Patrick's Henry.

I meant Thomas

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I need to know when did the debate happen! And Where it took place,what other important events that were during this debate, in what ways was the debate successful, and in what ways was it a failure.

The author is incorrect when he stated the colonists were overtaxed. In fact, Americans paid much less tax than those subjects who lived in Britain. Defending the colonies was expensive. The purpose of the various new taxes (The Stamp Act, etc.)was to get Americans to pay their fair share of the cost of defending their own lands!

the patriots were taxed without any say in parliament and the Quartering Acts forced the colonists to house and feed troops

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