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September 23, 2008


Paul R.

It's good of you to present this information on our class blog, for it's quite interesting in revealing certain potentially connecting details between the lives of the two men.

I happened to also look up Albert Camus's biography on www.infoplease.com. I'd like to share one particular part of it:

"His [Mr. Camus's] belief that man's condition is absurd identified him with the existentialists, but he denied allegiance to that group; his works express rather a courageous humanism. The characters in his novels and plays, although keenly aware of the meaninglessness of the human condition, assert their humanity by rebelling against their circumstances."

I believe that this statement more accurately applies to Monsieur Meursault, rather than saying he was an existentialist, especially if we compare his life to Albert Camus's.

Monsieur Meursault doesn't necessarily reject everything around him. Rather, he probably finds most circumstances in life to be uninteresting and cliché, which thus leads him to live an outlandish maverick lifestyle--and this is certainly evident in the story.

(And I have to say that I greatly admire people who wish to break away from conventional activities for the purpose of living life in a more intersting way.)

(Note: here is the link to Albert Camus's biography on Infoplease: http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0810111.html.)

Laura T-J

I really like the connections that you have come up with. I think more often that not written work like this has some base in the authors personal life, and based on the connections that you described in your post i think that this is definitely true with The Stranger.

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