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I agree that it's strange how quickly Ferdinand and Miranda fall in love and propose the idea of marriage. It reminded me a lot of fairy tales and Disney movies where the princess met Prince Charming and about 2 minutes later they'd get married. Strange as it is, it seems to make for a good love story.

Keep in mind Shakespeare had to get his point across within the constraints of a play, so there's not really time for conventional dating rules, especially because Ferdinand and Miranda's relationship is a first stage to Prospero's plan and consequently the novel. It also shows Prospero's successful manipulating, when Prospero painted Ferdinand as the 'bad boy' and made it more difficult for them to be together (I was going to say star-crossed lovers but then I realized was talking about the guy who created star crossed lovers)which made their love stronger.

I must take this time to comment on the fact that their relationship is completely parallel to that of the main "Twilight" characters and nobody ever complains about them.
In regards to the actual play, it's important to keep in mind that there is nothing more appealing than something that you can't have. Shakespeare is using the relationhips between Miranda and Ferdinand to demonstrate how pliable humans can be when the right buttons are pushed.

I agree that Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love very quickly. They seem to be almost unbelievably in love without knowing each other at all. However, I feel like this is a phenomenon that occurs often in Shakespeare's plays, most memorably in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet fall in love just as quickly as Miranda and Ferdinand do, without really knowing anything about each other.

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