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I agree. Although initially I thought "well, okay. This is kinda how people were raised in the 1920's I guess", but then when McEachern goes nuts trying to basically "avenge" God for the "sins" Christmas committed and thought of Christmas as "Satan"(all in Ch. 9), I realized that this dude is a grade-a douche.

Yes i agree that McEachern is way too hard on Christmas and probably insane. Now it is clear why Christmas was so upset/angry that Ms. Burden prayed for him. It is easy to see that Christmas is messed up from his horrific childhood.

I noticed a lot of times it said something like, "even then he was old enough to..." or "at a later age he would realize that..." I think that age was meant to play a large role during that passage. The contrast between what each a child and an adult knows appears throughout the book so far. These are some good examples of that.

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