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Mrs. Bennet reminds me of my aunt (i hope she doesnt read this). She is very oblivious and doesnt catch on to sarcasm very quickly. She is very excited by petty gossip. But Mr. Bennet is definately where the humor is located in this book. There is another part where he tells Mrs. Bennet that she would be the cause of Jane's death because she wanted her whole plan to work out of her staying the night. I get so excited to read parts about Mr. Bennet.

Haha Suzanne I'm pretty sure your aunt won't read his. Low key I feel like I sound like Mrs. Bennet sometimes...Anyway, it's also funny because Jane Austen even describes Mr. Bennet as "a mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humour, reserve, and caprice," and Mrs. Bennet as having a mind that is "less difficult to develope" (7). The couple is so funny in combination, because Mr. Bennet is always so sarcastic and Mrs. Bennet's replies are hilarious because she thinks he's serious and he lets her think whatever she wants. Love them!!!

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