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I do agree with you that there are failed relationships throughout the book. However, I believe that Salamano doesn't realize how important his dog was until he went missing. Also deep down I think that Meursault really misses his mother and that is why there are so many times that he refers to the funeral. I also agree that Meursault and Marie may have a difficult relationship in the upcoming chapters because you can seee that Marie wants to settle down but Meursault has no preference.

There does seem to be a motif of broken relationships throughout the book, however I don't think that Salamano and his relationship with his dog wasn't all that bad. They were inseparable until the dog disappeared, and Salamano did show true depression and love for that dog. Salamano didn't realize what he had until it was gone, and I would say that Salamano just had a hard time showing compassion to that dog.

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