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Michael, what an interesting poem and a great perspective that the poem puts on life. I totally understand when you say that there is an extended metaphor about the fork in the road being the decisions we make in life. As well as the title having a different view about things. Like you said it is the road not taken instead of the road I took or the decisions I made. He is looking back on his life and depicting the decisions he had made and the consequences that could have came if he had chosen another way.

I also enjoy this poem Michael, but I question the potency of his truth. For he fails to recognize added struggle towards a different "path". I think of it this way: the path less traveled is less traveled for a reason- because it is more difficult to be successful. I understand that it is nice to think of the coolest possibilities for yourself in life, but at a certain time, I believe that one needs to understand that the path more traveled is not all that bad because of course there is also a reason why people choose the more common route also. It is more consistent and predictable.

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