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While reading The Secret Sharer, I definitely did not see the romance aspect of Leggatt. When it came up as one of the suggestions for Leggatt's role, I was completely caught off guard. After reading your post though I actually see how Leggatt adds romance to the story. Their relationship and closeness do seem to resemble a romance. The only part that confuses me though is the fact that he often refers to Leggatt as his "double." If he really sees Leggatt as his double, wouldn't that mean that he is in love with himself?

I agree that Leggatt seems to play the part of a romantic interest to the Captain and it adds and very interesting critic that Conrad is making of his society. However, I think first and foremost that Leggatt is a man, a human being, separate from the Captain. He plays multiple roles one being a reflection or addition to the Captain and another being a romantic character. The main thing that Leggatt plays is a human separate from the Captain with his own background and life story. I understand all that Leggatt contributes to the story however I think that by limiting Leggatt to only these roles he cannot completely develop as a character.

I do agree with you regarding the importance of Leggatt in the captain's life. I disagree with the romantic aspect of their relationship. While in class we found many examples of a potential romance, I find that Leggatt's purpose was to lead and guide. I believe the captain is in love with his "new" self that Leggatt offers, however, nothing more than that.

Mike you made a great point. I believe that Leggat and the Captain definitely have a romantic relationship. When the Captain first sees him, he describes him as some time of white glowing man. Leggatt is also completely naked at this time therefore it could be possbile that the Captain was checking him out. After that he had a close relationship and seemed to do anything for Leggatt. Not alot of people would sleep with or next to a murderer.

I think that the relationship between Leggatt and the captain was definitely of a romantic nature. The captain seemed incredibly dependent on Leggatt, as if he needed him to function. But also there was so much talk about skin, and being close, and Leggatt's physical person. It was seemingly far more intimate than any platonic relationship would have played out.

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