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I definitely agree that my purchases probably won't be changed. In the radio show it said most electronics like Sony and Samsung products were made the same way. I think we depend so much on technology these days that it would be hard to not to use these products. Even though my views have changed, I will most likely continue to use these products.

The reason that these leaders of the companies do not make any changes is because they are making so much profit. They sell so many items and barely have to pay anything for them to be made. I agree that Apple will still be large company even if they do not change this but now that there is more information about this occuring it could have effect on other compaines.

Perhaps a movement for fair labor will start. Many appliances used to waste energy until the green movement came about. Now it's hard to find appliances that don't have energy star labels on them or don't brag about how little carbon footprint they leave. If there is enough outcry people will be enticed by advertisements that promote fair trade and labor.

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