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Absolutely love the connection, Alicia.

I would only add that at the beginning of "Dead Man," when an innocent William Blake finds a gun under Thel's pillow, he asks her, "Why do have one of these?"

"Because it's America," she responds.

Yes, part of this might be individuals' unwillingness to do the hard work to communicate and to listen, but we are immersed in an entire culture that doesn't value it.

I never thought of this connection, but I think it makes a lot of sense. It seems that in order for people to almost "get by" without being in a lot of pain, almost is denying themselves of any true passion in love or bravery. It seems that there is also this lack of honesty not only between you and other person you love or what to confront, but also yourself. You do not want to deal with all the emotions that come with true love. I think Tom is a prime example of self-awareness, a figure Milkman could look up to. It seems he understands the complications of being a emotional and aware person. This then contrasted with Dead Man, it seems that they can all "get by" by killing each other and moving on, but it solves nothing and is in a sense cowardly and lacks a lot of self-awareness. Again the parallel, not the first connection I would think of, but a very good one at that.

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