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I agree, the few times women are represented they are not given an identity, rather, they are a projection of societal values. The ignorance of women in Heart of Darkness is compared to the ignorance of the masses, because the women not only buy the propaganda about imperialism, but become beacons of the society's lies. While men can decipher the true evil of the world in Heart of Darkness, women are blind to the truth.

I agree. I also see that the women represented in the novel seem to have no type of identity. And, as Emma said, they seem to "be a projection of societal values".
It didn't really occur to me that women were so poorly represented until we discussed it in class, though, which kind of frightens me... For someone who likes to find just about anything wrong with a book, this just seemed to go right past me. Maybe that says something about the values represented in contemporary society?

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