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January 10, 2005


Darius W.

I remember liking it. I've got a hankering you will too. Yes. A hankering.

Odd post.


An absolute must read. Not only it rich in its unique use of language (a mixture of dialect and incredibly rich figure of speech) -- it has, quite possibly, the strongest, most truly independent woman in all of American Literature.

I have several extra copies in my room that need a good home.


I read the book years ago -- my senior year of high school, I think -- and remember really liking it. It's probably time to reread it.

Meaghan G

I don't know if I was such a fan. It was aight. Anyway, does anyone else get the weird sense from these 5 passages that they are all slightly the same in some strange way? I don't know why I got that impression but something about them is very similar. Maybe they're all a little feminist? I don't know.

Christiana C

I highly recommend Their Eyes Were Watching God. It’s one of my most memorable books from high school. You get used to the language pretty quickly. At the time, I had never read a book that discussed the same topics as Their Eyes Were Watching God.

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